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Uncovering the History and Culture of West Hills: A Journey Through Time

Making a trip to West Hills is like traveling back through time. Here, visitors can explore the rich history, culture and architecture in this small enclave tucked away in the heart of Southern California. From early settlers to more modern-day developers, each era of its long history has added to the unique character of this historic area.


The first inhabitants of West Hills were members of the Chumash tribe who called it “Paso de Robles” or “Pass of Oaks.” The original spring-fed streams and oak forests provided an abundance of resources for the native people who lived off the land for centuries. In the late 1800s, an influx of settlers from Spain and Mexico began to move into the region, bringing their own cultures and traditions with them. As these new immigrants began to thrive in this beautiful corner of California, they also began to build up their homes in classic Spanish colonial style with red tile roofs and white stucco walls.


Throughout its history, West Hills had been home to a variety of businesses such as dairy farms, livestock ranches, nurseries, wineries and oil companies. There was even a movie studio that produced some early silent films! All these industries shaped not only the landscape but also helped create a vibrant business community throughout the area.


During World War II, West Hills was home to Camp Lockett where a number of soldiers were trained before being sent overseas to fight in Europe. Today, most areas surrounding Camp Lockett have been developed into suburban neighborhoods that retain much of their original charm from when they were built decades ago.

In recent years, west hills has seen tremendous growth due to its proximity to Los Angeles and Hollywood. As more people flock here for work or pleasure, it is important that we preserve its unique character and long history so future generations can appreciate all that makes it special. Whether you’re looking for historical landmarks or shopping districts with all your favorite retailers; there’s something for everyone here in West Hills! So what are you waiting for? Come take a journey through time with us here at West Hills!